Tony Petkovich

Im Tony Petkovich, with extensive experience and a proven record in sales, negotiations, operations, risk management, business development, loan production, secondary marketing, capital deployment and collections. 

Mr. Petkovich has been active in a broad spectrum of business activities including starting several successful business over the last 14 years as a Hedge fund Manager, Mortgage Lending , real estate, building, automotive and retail as well as micro lending. 

Experienced Deal Maker- Expert Negotiator- Known Problem Solver.

He has had a more focused career as an executive in the financial services and multi-unit retail industry for more than 14 years. His financial services experience has been in money management, private equity, commercial banking, mortgage lending. Mr. Petkovich has held numerous senior level positions, including his most recent as Head of Global Trading for Petkov Capital Management, a money management company for U.H.N.W. and Institutional Investors. He was the top salesperson for Investar International, transacting over $110 mm in total sales. He has also had extensive lending experience comprising consumer lending, warehouse lending, mortgage lending, hedging, and mortgage sales and securitization. He has experience and a proven record in sales, negotiations, operations, risk management, business development, loan production, secondary marketing and capital deployment and collections. 

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Boardroom Miami

Tony Petkovich is in his Miami BoardRoom waiting to help YOU. He has been called America’s number one business expert. He will do whatever it takes to help YOUR business.

Petkov Capital Management

Current- Regional Managing Director and Head of Global Trading for Petkov Capital Management.

PetkovcapitalManangement tries to capture alpha and create value by investing in what we believe is Tier ONE opportunities.

BoardRoom Organics

Boardroom Organics is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high-end health and skin care products. The company is establishing itself for creating world class and unique vitamins, anti aging treatments, organic skin care products, men’s skin treatments, and daily maintenance products. With offices in Miami, Florida, and Houston, Tx. B.R.O current roster of products is made up of five unique Products each with their own unique and compelling story.



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